superpower: supersuit
superhero team: the avengers
supervillain: magneto (awee yeah)
partner: gwen stacy
lover: peggy carter
side occupation: genius, billionaire playboy, philanthropists 
favourite weapon: knives
base of operations: new york city
transport: motorcycle

Powers - Accelerated healing and cool claws
Team - Guardians of the Galaxy
Villain - Ultron
Partner - Gwen Stacy
Lover - Maria Hill
Side Occupation - Photographer
Favourite weapon - Guns
Base of operations - New York City
My Transport - Motorcycle

Superpower: Supersuit.

Superhero Team: X-Men

Super Villain: Loki

Partner: Lady Sif

Lover: Tony Stark

Side Occupation: Genius, Billonaire, Playboy, Philanthropists. 

Favorite Weapon: Knives

Base of Operations: NYC 

Transport: Flying

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Species: Demon
Bestfriend: Tony Stark
Roommate: Loki
First Kiss: Thor
Boyfriend: Dean Winchester
Your Murder: Bruce Banner

Super fucking bitch.

Why am I not surprised? lmao.

Best Friend: Ruby Red Riding Hood
Lover: Jefferson Mad Hatter
Killed By: Archie Hopper Jimmy Cricket
First Kiss: August Booth
Enemy:  Regina Mills Evil Queen
Crushing On You: August Booth

Best Friend: Luna ovegood
Lover: Severus Snape
Enemy: Bellatrix Lestrange
Twin Wand With: Albus Dumbledore
First Kiss: Sirus Black
Killed By: Lord Voldermort

Loved One: Spike
Trusted One: Angel
Despised One: The Master
Species Type: Potential Slayer
You Fear: Yourself
You… : Live Only For Revenge

You are from District: 8
At the Cornucopia You: Grab a Bag & Head for the Woods
Your weapon Is: Bow
You Team With: Peeta
You Are Killed By: Mutts
You Rank in At: 18th

I am: Katniss Everdeen
I am in: The Arena
Guided by: Aslan
I defeated: Lord Voldermort
With: Shield & Sword
And the Help of: Annabeth Chase

Michael Fassbender Characters: Click & Drag Game

Best Friend: Archie Hicox

First Kiss: Carl Jung

Drinking Buddy: Harry

First Boyfriend: Burke

Lost Virginity to: Caz

Enemy: Bobby Sands

Married to: Magneto

Sleeping with: Rochester

Cheated on Me: Caz